CoachOmarSquare At over 205 centimetres tall, Omar is by far our tallest coach, yet is a gentle giant in nature. After completing his college playing career with the University of Toledo in Ohio, Omar played overseas in Canada. Omar also has five years of experience in the US Navy, which has instilled values such as discipline and work ethic – values he emphasises at Helping Hoops.

Omar heads up the Helping Hoops Fitzroy, Broadmeadows and Dandenong programs.


CoachReneeSquare Renee has been a part of the game for over half her life, having started playing at 12 in Queensland and going on to represent her state in national titles. Adding to her playing duties, Renee has run successful basketball camps for children, as well as working within the NBL arena.

As our Women’s Development Coach, Renee works across multiple programs to ensure girls enjoy the same opportunities as boys at Helping Hoops.


CoachSteveSquare Steve began his coaching journey with Helping Hoops back in 2012, where he volunteered at our Richmond and later North Melbourne programs. Steve built up his skills and knowledge over four years, and took over as head coach of both programs at the beginning of 2016. Steve is known for his community focus, attention to detail and strong relationship building skills, and has become a pillar of the Helping Hoops coaching team.

Steve heads up the Helping Hoops CroxtonRichmond and North Melbourne programs.


David began as a volunteer at Helping Hoops Sunshine in 2011, and has since endeavoured to absorb as much coaching knowledge as he can. He has also expanded his experience to include coaching players from a South Sudanese Australian background in a team environment. David’s professionalism, commitment and vast knowledge make him a respected member of the Helping Hoops coaching staff.

David heads up the Helping Hoops Werribee program.


Born and raised in Japan, Nima has also lived in Canada, China, and the Pacific Islands before moving to Australia in 2008. Basketball has been one of the main constants in Nima’s life, whether playing for hours everyday with his two younger brothers or the welcoming community and family he has found through playing and coaching on courts in over 30 countries around the world. A teacher-educator and PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne, Nima also currently coaches the Yarra Wild Beasts of the South-Sudanese Australian National Basketball Association, and is an assistant coach of the Collingwood All-Stars Big V men’s team.

Nima heads up the Helping Hoops Future program.