Helping Hoops Power is a free, multicultural basketball program for older participants, having come from our community programs and now desiring more challenging and targeted experiences. The program runs every Friday from 6 to 8pm and is overseen by coach Renee Clarke.

Despite only entering its second year, the program already has many success stories, including young women blazing a trail and heading overseas to access education and basketball opportunities in the United States. Helping Hoops Power was designed based on the needs of a specific community group. As many members of this group have transitioned out of the program, which is understandable given the primary age of 18-21, the next challenge for Power is to evolve to cater for the next wave of young people who will benefit from being involved. This evolution will see Helping Hoops Power retain its primarily female focus, however will also see young men also given an opportunity to participate. We see enormous potential for Helping Hoops Power, and look forward to growing the program going forward.


Every Friday, 7pm – 9pm
Eagle Stadium – Court 8
35 Ballan Rd
Werribee VIC 3030

Arrange a visit by contacting Adam McKay on 0433 857 875 or