At over 205 centimetres tall, Omar is by far our tallest coach, yet is a gentle giant in nature. After completing his college playing career with the University of Toledo in Ohio, Omar played overseas in Canada. Omar also has five years of experience in the US Navy, which has instilled values such as discipline and work ethic – values he emphasises at Helping Hoops.

Omar heads up the Fitzroy, Broadmeadows, Dandenong, Future Dandenong, Richmond and Werribee programs.


Renee has been a part of the game for over half her life, having started playing at 12 in Queensland and going on to represent her state in national titles. Adding to her playing duties, Renee has run successful basketball camps for children, as well as working within the NBL arena.

Renee heads up Croxton, Kensington, Future WerribeePrahran and Power programs.


Kelvin is known around the basketball community as KB, and brings a wealth of experience to Helping Hoops. KB was born in California, but has called Australia home for over 30 years. His coaching experience spans over 20 years, and has seen him head up basketball programs for many clubs and associations, including his current stint at Bulleen. KB is known for his nurturing but firm approach, and his passion for opening up opportunities for kids both on and off the basketball court.


Tom holds a Bachelor of Sports Science and Physical Education, and is currently completing a Masters of Teaching. Tom comes with an impressive basketball resume which includes making the St. Kevin’s College team of the century, and also gives back to the community through his involvement with the Kuany Kuany Foundation. His coaching expertise also see him work as Director of Coaching at both the Kuany Kuany Give Back Camps and the Elevate Top 100 Camps, as well as running holiday clinics for hundreds of children across Melbourne. A proud local, Tom, is also the head coach of the Prahran team at the renown Prahran Summer Jam streetball tournament.


After a successful college career and continued success in the NBL1 Nyidier Riak has joined the ranks of Helping Hoops Coaches to continue what she (and other young female athletes) pioneered in 2017 with our first ever Power program.

Helping Hoops is grateful to have Coach Nyidiers’ expertise in working with young people, her second to none patience and understanding, as well as a wealth of knowledge of the game of basketball.


After returning from a stint playing college basketball in the States, Matt took up study at the University of Melbourne where he has continued his basketball career as a member of their Big V program. Outside of HH, Matt spends his time as a high-school tutor and sports writer.


Teuila joined the Helping Hoops team in 2017 working along-side our Founder, Adam McKay and brings a wealth of expertise managing the many facets of Helping Hoops. Teuila left Helping Hoops as their General Manager in October 2021 to continue working in the Sports for Community and Youth Development space, as the CMSport Manager for The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY). Teuila is also a Director of the Koorie Academy and volunteers on numerous community family and sports based groups throughout Naarm. With a former career in the US Foreign Service, Teuila‘s global community development experience has equipped her with a very diverse skill set which significantly adds to the running of Helping Hoops.

Teuila is a passionate story-teller and works hard behind the scenes to ensure young people, volunteers and families feel a sense of belonging wherever and however they engage in Sport.


Hanna brings a wealth of experience in marketing, management, and event coordination for events such as the Summer Jam. She has also been part of the Helping Hoops networks for many years as a contributor.

She also has a deep understanding of our programs, their needs and as a devoted parent, she witnesses first-hand how we impact communities we serve across Melbourne.

Hanna commenced in March 2022.